12 January 2013

Boutique Life(Style)

Hi there
There is an exciting new challenge in the Boutique that will be starting next Tuesday! The Boutique Life(Style) challenge will run all year with great prizes and special offers only available to participants. So whether you are into Scrapbooking, Project Life or Mixed Media we would love for you to join in :)
Here are all the details:

Come and Join in the Fun throughout 2013!!!! :D :D 
This Challenge is going to run ALL through this year....... 
It's about documenting and celebrating the Good, the Great, the Bad, the Ugly, the Funny, the Everyday and the Meaningful parts of your life.

It's up to you whether you want to use this challenge as a sort of Project Life style album.... or pages to add to a 2013 scrapbook album..... or an art journal....... or a mix of everything!!!. Whatever you feel like doing :D :D 
The important bit is participating, being creative, spending some time on yourself..... and having FUN!! :D :D 

Our monthly Challenge "Prompts" will run from approximately the 15th of each month....... usually there will be a selection of prompts for you to choose from. 8) Again.... it's up to you whether you do 1 entry each month, or you can do as many as you like :D *Each person will only go into the monthly draw once, even if they do more than one entry.

Each month we will have 1 or more radomly drawn participation prizes (depending on number of entries in said month). With a major prize to be drawn at the end of the year..... along with aSpecial Gift for EVERY person who completes ALL 12 MONTHS!!

PLUS - Members of the Boutique Life(Style) challenge will receive EXCLUSIVE Offers and Specials from the Boutique throughout the year!!


Looking forward to having a great time being creative with our wonderful friends here in the boutique this year!! :D :D 

You can register your interest here in this forum..... then Stay tuned for our
First Challenge on Tuesday Jan 15!!!

Sounds great hey! So why not come over to the Boutique and register here.
Hope to see you there!!

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  1. Oh this sounds exciting Leanne....thanks for the heads up!
    I have been thinking of those Project Life books, & dont think they are me...so will use an art journal for me.


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