31 October 2011

Passion 4 Fashion Week 8...

Well we have come to the final challenge of this great competition and this week was all about....


FUTURISTIC - This category did not really make it outside Star Trek epoch and may have gone completely during the dot com era. The category emphasizes the look of the electronic and the computer age. The design concept is based on galactic or extra-terrestrial inspired clothing. 
Colour - Strong metallic (gold, silver, etc.), vivid, and contrasting. 
Lines - Angular, sharp and usually asymmetrical. 
Textures - Hard, unusually bold and often overwhelmingly round or square. 
Effects - Impractical to our present times, unique accessories or trim. 
Needs of customer - Bold statement 
Favourite Accessory - Bold geometric accessories. 
Note: Notice the unique accessories, its sharp and angular lines. Shoes with flashing red lights are examples of this style. 

Cool Huh??? 8) 

EXTRA CRITERIA - Please include the following on your LO....
:arrow: Repeat a geometric shape at least 4 times on your LO (eg. square, circle, triangle etc)
:arrow: Include a quote or passage that has something to do with the Future.

And this is my page...

...when I think of futuristic, I think shiny metallic silver so included lots of silver on the page. I stamped and inked the cardstock with silver versa colour, punched a foil strip, matted the journal strips with foil and covered a chipboard heart with foil. My journaling around the page and outlining of the title was done using silver pen. Silver threaded netting and sparkly stars completed my idea for strong metallic colour. I used pattern paper circles for the repeated geometric circles and a touch of red to contrast. 

My quote is by the late Steve Jobs...

"Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future". 

It's sad that the competition has come to an end...I have had so much fun and loved checking out the different takes on each challenge!!

Thanks for stopping by and happy creating xx 


  1. The wheels have kind of fallen off my P4F run, didn't even get to check out this challenge. I love your take on this weeks...love all the silver & that quote! :)

  2. Hey Leanne! Loved your layout for the last passion and huge congrats on your win!! Glad I found your blog ;0)

  3. Great take on the challenge Leanne. Perfect for the Iphone. Love all the silver. :)

  4. Leanne this is my first time in here and I just love everithing you make.I´m follow now.
    I love this page all the details are so great!!
    I wish a wonderful week.
    Kisses and huges

  5. This is such a great layout Leanne, jumped right out of the gallery and I love the quote!


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