09 January 2011

A Compendium of Curiosities

Each Christmas our family do a secret Santa for the adults. I received this book...signed by Tim himself. How exciting for me!! I love Tim's products and techniques. There was a bit if a mix up and the book arrived inscribed with the wrong name :( Tim kindly replaced the book and sent a few photos of him signing my name. I will have to do a page on the story of this book one day.

How cool is that!! I can't wait to try out Tim's techniques as I have a few of his products that I wasn't really sure how to use...I have no excuse not to use them now :)


  1. Wow what a top little tale of Tim Leanne! How wonderful to receive that book though...I believe it could be a bit magical!

  2. good for you Leanne and how exciting
    he is so nice and would love to meet him IRL


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